Identifying and Measuring Playful Parenting Using Machine Learning Updates

This innovative project aims to create a new objective measure of playful parenting by applying existing machine-learning techniques to videos of caregiver-infant interactions. This project will be led by Stellenbosch University.


Daniel Stamate (University of Goldsmith) will present a paper on modeling at the Engineering Applications of Neural Networks (EANN) conference (27-30 June, Corfu). In addition, a poster covering the BabyJokes project was accepted for the International Congress of Infant Studies (8-11 July, Glasgow). African Initiative for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Doctoral students Irene Uwerikowe and Jeremiah Ishaya (Stellenbosch University) also continue to make good progress with their projects. Jeremiah has built a docker container for BabyJokes code, increasing portability and consistency. In addition, alongside Irene, Jeremiah attended an AIMS workshop in Kigali in April.

PhD students Irene Uwerikowe and Jeremiah Ishaya (based at Stellenbosch University) have completed literature reviews and are also in the process of planning their first coding projects. Code for the BabyJokes project has been committed on Github and will be used in an upcoming hackathon event scheduled for June 2024. In addition, the team submitted an abstract for the International Congress of Infant Studies (8 - 11 July, Glasgow). 


Two PhD students, Irene Uwerikowe and Jeremiah Ayock, joined the Machine Learning team in July as part of the Quantum Leap Africa programme from the African Institute of Mathematics (AIMS). Irene and Jeremiah recently registered at the Applied Maths department at Stellenbosch University and will be supervised by Caspar Addyman, Ulrich Paquet, Daniel Stamate and Mark Tomlinson. Ulrich is director of AIMS South Africa and research scientist at Google DeepMind. The team were able to make the recruitments due to funding received from the GPI Emerging Trends Fund.