Uniting for change: SWIFT sparks collaboration among healthcare stakeholders

On 17 April 2024, the SWIFT team hosted a an online information session, bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders to delve into critical issues surrounding healthcare. Among the attendees were representatives from the Western Cape’s Department of Health and Wellness, including the Violence Prevention Unit and area-based team representatives, alongside psychologists and medical managers. Additionally, the Department of Social Development (DSD) was well represented, with notable participation from Witzenberg sub-district representatives.

The session also included an engagement from NGO partners, with prominent organisations such as Clowns Without Borders SA making valuable contributions. Internal GPI colleagues were also present, contributing their insights to the discussions. Watch the presentation here.

Building on the success of the initial session, the SWIFT team also shared their presentation and insights at a meeting hosted by the Department of Health on 3 May 2024. This time, the audience consisted of Witzenberg district management-level teams for clinics and hospitals, with the event held at the Ceres Hospital, Western Cape, South Africa.

These sessions served as crucial platforms for knowledge exchange and collaboration, fostering meaningful dialogue among stakeholders committed to enhancing healthcare and social development initiatives in the region. Through such engagements, SWIFT continues to demonstrate its dedication to promoting collective efforts towards positive change.