ParentText Jamaica Gains Momentum

ParentText Jamaica Gains Momentum | Jamaica Observer

parenttext jamaica gains momentum

Since its launch in June 2022, ParentText Jamaica has been gaining steady momentum among parents seeking new and effective ways to tackle parenting challenges with more than 1,300 so far signing up to receive 'family tips at their fingertips'.

ParentText, a service that provides practical and personalised parenting tips and techniques in text, audio and video formats for various stages of a child's development, was developed jointly by Global Parenting Initiative and Parenting for Lifelong Health. ParentText is currently being tested in other countries, including in South Africa as part of the GPI’s ParentText Optimisation and Evaluation in South Africa study.  

The service is accessible via WhatsApp and is made available through UNICEF's U-Report Jamaica social messaging tool.  The service has been rolled out in Jamaica with UNICEF support through the European Union (EU)-funded Spotlight Initiative to eradicate violence against women and girls.

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