Parents Urged to Raise Responsible Children

Parents Urged to Raise Responsible Children | The Herald

zimbabwe stakeholder event

Officiating at a positive parenting roundtable workshop hosted by Catholic Relief Services, the Global Parenting Initiative and Parenting for Lifelong Health in Harare, the Ministry of Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare Social Development and Disability Affairs Chief director, Dr Edmos Mtetwa said dealing with parenting issues at the grassroots level could bring transformation in raising responsible children. He further emphasised the importance of adapting interventions to local cultures.

Presenting at the event were GPI members Dr Nyasha Manjengenja, Dr Cathy Ward, Noreen Wini Dari and Natalie Davidson. Findings from GPI-supported projects, including PLH-SUPER, Adaptation of PLH for Young Children for Schools in Zimbabwe and Coparenting to Reduce Conflict in the Family were used to emphasise the importance of supporting families to raise children who thrive. At the event, the Government of Zimbabwe committed to consolidating what has been learnt about positive parenting to come up with a universal guideline model to be used countrywide to help support parents and reduce violence against children.

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