New book release: Babies laugh at tickles

caspar toybox52

Dr Caspar Addyman has released his fourth picture book for babies, titled Babies Laugh at Tickles, created in collaboration with illustrator Ania Simeone and published by Campbell Books.

"It's an interactive book about tickling. It has a button that babies can 'Press for tickles'. It makes a giggle noise and turns the reading into a game. The button also introduces the concept of consent. Some adults hate being tickled, so we wanted to emphasise that tickle games need the active and enthusiastic involvement of the baby. I'm proud of that," says Dr Addyman.

Dr Addyman's inspiration for this book stems from his 2020 popular science book, The Laughing Baby, which explores the positive psychology of why it's great to be a baby. Following this, he collaborated with Campbell Books to create a series celebrating baby laughter, including titles like Peekaboo, Babies Laugh All Day Long, and Babies Laugh at Everything, the latter based on a poem from his 2017 TEDx talk.

Copies of Babies Laugh at Tickles and other books by Dr Addyman are widely available online and in stores.