GISP strategy meeting: Advancing global support for parents and caregivers

Jamie Lachman, Lucie Cluver and Isang Awah

Jamie Lachman, Isang Awah and Lucie Cluver attended the 2024 GISP annual meeting..

The Global Initiative to Support Parents (GISP) recently concluded a 3-day strategy and planning meeting, held in Geneva. The Global Parenting Initiative (GPI) was represented by Lucie Cluver, Jamie Lachman, and Isang Awah. The meeting aimed to address global priorities in supporting parents and caregivers while reflecting on achievements and lessons learned from 2023.

During the sessions, GISP partners discussed a range of topics including the development of global public goods and strategies to promote access to parenting and caregiver support. Emphasising evidence, innovation, scaling up, systems integration, and advocacy, participants explored avenues to generate collective impact and enhance support systems for parents and caregivers worldwide.

In addition to the main meeting, a separate session hosted by the Oak Foundation convened representatives from GISP's Donor Advisory Group. Discussions centered around collaboration and upcoming priorities, highlighting the importance of partnership in driving sustainable change.

GISP, currently coordinated by UNICEF, WHO, Parenting for Lifelong Health at the University of Oxford, the Early Childhood Development Action Network (EDCAN), and the International Rescue Committee, continues to play a pivotal role in advocating for parental support and caregiver resources on a global scale.

The participants expressed optimism and renewed commitment to advancing the mission of GISP. The exchange of ideas and best practices has equipped stakeholders with valuable insights to strengthen support systems for parents and caregivers further, ultimately benefiting children and families worldwide.