Celebrating excellence in health research: Prof Mark Tomlinson awarded gold medal by SAMRC

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Middle: Prof Mark Tomlinson at the 10th SAMRC Scientific Merit Awards.

Prof Mark Tomlinson, the co-principal investigator of the ParentApp for the early years in Tanzania, was honoured with a prestigious accolade in the field of medical research. The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) recognised his exceptional contributions to research with a gold medal at the SAMRC Scientific Merit Awards ceremony, held on 7 March 2024.

This annual celebration by the SAMRC is a testament to the groundbreaking work carried out by individuals dedicated to advancing health research. The gold medal, a symbol of the highest level of achievement, is awarded to senior scientists whose work has not only been seminal but has also had a profound and lasting impact on the health of populations, with a particular focus on those in developing countries.

The South African Medical Research Council's decision to honour Prof Tomlinson with this award shines a spotlight on the critical importance of health research and its role in shaping a better future for all, especially for those in the most vulnerable parts of the world. His achievement is not only a personal milestone but also an inspiration for current and future generations of researchers committed to making a difference in the world through their work.

Congratulations to Prof Mark Tomlinson on this well-deserved recognition.